Black Mamba Knives was formed in 2009 in the suburbs of Chicago. Our small factory grew, and we moved several times as we added equipment and needed more space. We created a factory capable of manufacturing 100’s of knives every month It was formed because of the love of making products others would enjoy using and making a family treasure. After making custom motorcycles and custom fine jewelry we made are first knife. The inspiration was bikers needing a every day carry to fit their boot. This brought us to many other designs, and we added many styles each year. We spread our wings to hunting knives, skinning knives, gut hook knives, swords, butterfly knives and Laguiole and chef knives.  The company now has over 200 designs we make and sell. Black Mamba Knives forges all its own metal with our modern equipment our forges and hammer and lathes are all part of why we have succeeded. Our technology has allowed us to take on all forms of custom knives the more elaborate the better. We have sold companies 200-400-piece orders for their promotions.

We now offer wholesale accounts that want to brand their own knives or sell Black Mamba Knives. Branding with the company’s logo’s if requested. We are here for all your needs now.

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